I love pretending I write for a tabloid sometimes and editing photos to look like celebrities are being sassy at one another even though these pics were taken 6 months apart.

If there is anything that makes me kind of uncomfortable about Justin Bieber, it’s that he’s turned into one of those guys — Matthew McConougheyAdam Levine, Kelso… — who is just plain always taking off his shirt. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, but suddenly, the shirt’s gone and everybody watching goes, “WOOOO.” And now, Bieber is taking part in this semi-classic character trend. Just, y’know, strutting around the streets of cities like London in March wearing nothing but long chains and sunglasses. To be fair, when he does wear a shirt or other items of clothing, it doesn’t exactly work out so well; plus, all his fans would likely be devastated if he were to start putting on stuff. But judging by Twitter, even other celebrities appear to be getting annoyed with his chronic shirtlessness.

A tweet posted by Olivia Wilde offers a few choice words of advice:

olivia wilde

Oof. Well, she has a point: if he had lost all of his shirts in a fire, it’s appropriate to send your sympathies while letting him know that he certainly has the means to buy a new one, and that your wardrobe doesn’t end after one pile of shirts. He has been famous a while, after all, and famous kids don’t really know what’s going on sometimes.

Naturally, Bieber’s diehard-or-just-kill-nonbeliebers fans took to Twitter to attack Wilde as thoroughly as possible, whether it was via simple questions (“r u a lesbian or r u too old”), musing casual disinterest or just plain making no grammatical or conceptual sense, the consensus was in: Olivia Wilde, nor anybody else, can make fun of Bieber’s shirtless nature.


Yeah, let’s be clear on something: even famous people have opinions, and they are allowed to voice them even if those opinions disagree with what you believe. Second, just because you disagree doesn’t mean you get to threaten violence or even suggest it. It makes you look like an asshole, and the famous dude you defend will probably have no idea nor worry in the world that your Twitter handle is now getting passed around the Internet because you dramatically e-overreacted to a celebrity’s tweet.

Of course, Bieber’s fans are somewhat notorious for freaking out about anything pertaining to the guy. Whether it’s attacking an innocent charity, a 15-year-old girl simply because she was “undeservingly” retweeted by the artist or losing their shit over Barbara Palvin maybe hanging out with him, they need to calm down and stop being so remarkably obsessive over some 19-year-old who doesn’t have any idea they exist. Being a serious fan of an artist: cool, normal, a-okay. Threatening violence because of them: scary, do some yoga, wtf.

Pictured: How silly people look when they angrily defend Justin Bieber. Note the lack of Justin Bieber.

In any case, Olivia Wilde is a bit of a brave lady. In general, celebrities don’t seem to criticize one another all that often unless he or she is the type who loves public feuds. As for the cray cray tweeters threatening her face, I have a feeling they’ll forget entirely about Wilde as soon as they all collectively sic themselves on Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke.

Photos: WENN.com, Dan Jackman/WENN.com, Twitter.