Hey, do you guys remember that time that the Olsen twins made a backpack that cost almost $40,000? And we were all like, NO SERIOUSLY, THAT’S FUCKING CRAZY.

Well, apparently our words cannot penetrate the bubble inside of which the Olsen twins exist, and now, they’ve designed yet another offensively overpriced ‘pack, this time to the tune of $16,900.

Now, even as I type this I wonder if it’s fair to criticize the pint-sized designers. After all, we created the Olsen twins when we all agreed through a nonverbal pact to watch them on “Full House.” If we don’t like what they’ve become, we really have no one to blame but ourselves.

But at the same time, come on, man! $16,900? That’s what people spend on cars. And hey, I want a new car. It’s like these Olsen people are just taking a handful of the pile of money that accompanies them everywhere and cramming it in my face and rubbing it around. I can smell it even as we speak. GET OUT OF MY FACE, THE OLSENS!

But on the other hand, they are rich. It would be silly to pretend otherwise. This bag is obviously for them and their ten closest friends, and then, just as a point of reference, the sale of those ten bags alone would net more than triple what your average blogger makes in a year.

So. I don’t know. I’m torn. How do you feel?