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Last night on “The Colbert Report,” Anna Wintour — THE ANNA WINTOUR — sat down with Stephen for a little chat about Obama’s gay marriage endorsement, fashion, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new Costume Institute exhibit.

And ladies, she laughed. She laughed at herself, she laughed at Colbert, and she laughed at…um…some other things.

For instance, Colbert kicks off the interview by saying that what he admires about Wintour is her ability to abjectly crush someone’s business.

“With one hesitation, you can destroy someone’s career,” he says. “‘What do you think of this dress?’ ‘Well, I…’ DEAD.”

Wintour responds by chuckling and saying saying that someone named Tad would be disappointed in Colbert’s boring sartorial choices. “Don’t you think,” she asks matter-of-factly, “you could take a few more risks with the way you’re dressing?”

This is possibly the most epic of celebrity pairings to ever grace the small screen. I suggest you hang on to this until you’re off work, then sit down with a nice glass of wine and really soak it in. Soak it the fuck in.