Remember when we talked about the last episode of Beauty Boss: Style Sessions, all about fall fashion?  Well the third and final episode is here. In case you don’t remember, Macy’s Beauty Boss is a show about current trends, hosted this year by well-known vlogger Nikki Phillippi.

In this episode, she dishes about jeans. Sometimes wearing jeans can feel like a cop-out. It’s a wardrobe standard and is easy to throw on. Not to mention comfortable. But in this episode’s Style Sessions, Nikki gives some new tips on how to wear denim while still looking trendy and stylish.

Using clothes from Macy’s mstylelab, Nikki talks about how to pull off chambray tops, distressed jeans, and colorful denim. Check out the video to see all the advice she doles out on how to look put together while still feeling good.

[youtube_iframe id=”39-DK4T9q94″]

This post is sponsored by Macy’s mstylelab.