As you probably notice, I post daily about my favorite private online sales.

I realized though, many of you may be a little bit squeamish about jumping in and taking advantage of what seem to be incredible deals. So, I consulted Michelle Madhok, an online shopping expert and Editor in Chief of of one of my fave sites, She provided some great tips! (Read on below Michelle’s tips for today’s fabulous sales!)

1. Know when they are. There are a ton of sample sale sites now and it’s really hard to keep track. To make things easier for our readers our editors compile a weekly calendar. Sales change so we update them when we get new information and we post the daily line-up every day at 11:30 AM.

2. Get invited. You need to be a “member” to shop the sales. Don’t worry: It’s free, but you need the secret code or link.

3. Invite your friends. Once you’re in you can invite your friends to join the sample sale sites and if they join most of the sites will give you credits that you can use for discounts on purchases.

4. Login early. If a sale starts at 12 PM make sure you log-in at 11:45 so you won’t be fumbling with the login page when everyone else is.

5. Shop from the bottom up. Everyone will be nabbing merchandise from the top down so you’ll have a better chance of scoring an item.

6. Don’t linger too long. Some sites don’t consider the item yours until you’ve purchased it so the shopping cart offers no protection

7. Know the return policy and read the fine print. Most sites will take returns for credit only, but other sites are final sale. To make it more confusing some sites who usually allow returns don’t on certain sales or certain items. For example Gilt usually gives you 14 days for return credit however they don’t take returns on Accessories,Beauty and fragrances,Home Décor,Handbags,Hosiery,Intimates,Jewelry and a host of other items.

Thanks so much, Michelle, for your awesome advice! We love your site!

And now, today’s sales!

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