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Online shopping is great. You can do it any time and anywhere, provided you have decent Wi-Fi and your battery isn’t dead. With a few clicks, you can search multiple stores for the perfect dress/flared pants/cat-themed earbuds as you relax in your bed with a latte.

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As convenient and easy as online shopping is, it doesn’t mean it’s foolproof. It’s far from it. Have you ever opened up a package and been convinced that they sent you the wrong dress because what is in the box looks nothing like the photo online? You’re not alone.

These are the mistakes that have happened to all online shoppers:

1. Purchasing something that is a completely different color on your screen than in real life.Dumb Dumber Mistake GIF

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You do not understand. The coat was green in the photo. It was even called “Moss Green.” When you unwrapped it, you were shocked to find that your “green” coat was actually brown. You thought they sent you the wrong one but there isn’t even a brown option and the tag does say “Moss Green.”

2. Ordering something in your size but having it not fit at all.Gob Huge Mistake GIF

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This one has happened more times than you like. You generally always buy a medium so you bought the dress in a medium. It looked a little small when you took it out of the package but you assumed it was because the fabric has stretch. When you put it on, you were convinced they stuck the wrong size label in the dress because this cannot be a proper medium.

3. Discovering those “statement” earrings aren’t that much of a statement.Face Palm Newspaper

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You were so thrilled when you found the perfect pair of earrings to go with your LBD. They were beautiful with lots of detail and multicolored stones. After they arrived and you took them out of the package, it was like a Honey, I Shrunk The Kids moment. These are your statement earrings?! They’re practically studs. Curse the website for not photographing them on someone’s ear.

4. Realizing that no online photo can depict how itchy this top really is.Matthew Perry Disappointed

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Online shopping would be so much easier if they developed some sort of technology that allows you to feel the fabric of the garment. That sweater looked so comfortable in the picture. It was oversized and had huge armholes but when you put it on it felt like it was made of straw.

5. Ending up with a garment that has the strangest proportions.Castle Dafuq

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You loved that jacket from the moment you saw it. When it finally arrived on your doorstep, you immediately unwrapped it and put it on. It fit perfectly but you gasped when you looked in the mirror. What was with the crazy shoulders? It did not look like this on the model. The description did not mention anything about “exaggerated 1980’s shoulder pads.”

6. Purchasing foot torture devices instead of shoes.Epic Failure

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You foolishly assumed shoe shopping would be easier to do online because feet are easier to fit than hips, boobs and waists. You bought a classic pair of flats to wear to work. When you put them on, they grabbed and pinched your feet in painful ways. It wasn’t because they were the wrong size, they were just wrong. You have learned your lesson and you are going to be very careful about what shoes you buy online now.

7. Realizing that there is no difference between “lightweight” and “sheer.”Oops GIF

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You were looking for something comfortable and cool for the hot weather. The dress was described along the lines of “a soft, lightweight dress to keep you cool on hot summer days.” You were sold. When you took the dress out of the package, you discovered that you could see completely through the two layers of fabric. When you put it on, it was even worse.

8. Ordering a ring that fits none of your fingers.Nicki Minaj WTF Wat

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You don’t understand. You did the test with the paper strip and you checked your old rings to see what size they are. So how is it possible that your ring not only doesn’t fit your ring finger but it doesn’t fit any of the others? Sigh. 

9. Finding out those shoes have a very distinct smell.Tom Hiddletson WTF

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You’re used to your online purchases smelling a bit like plastic and maybe a hint of dust but you weren’t expecting your boots to have such a smell. You thought that could be a temporary fresh-from-the-factory smell so you decided to keep them. You realized too late that smell was there to stay and there was nothing that was going to camouflage it.