Mannequins at Opening Ceremony in downtown Manhattan for the launch of the Opening Ceremony Elvis collection

American Express threw a huge splashy party at Opening Ceremony‘s SoHo flagship last night. They were celebrating the launch of the Opening Ceremony Elvis collection–their Fall 2013 extravaganza of variously Elvis Presley-themed pieces–and, being a huge Elvis fan, I had to get downtown. Also, there also aren’t a lot of fashion parties where the DJ spins rockabilly classics from Elvis and Charlie Feathers.

The collection works like so: some of the pieces are literal. In other words:

Opening Ceremony Elvis collection launch party

His face!

…While others–mostly the straight up womenswear–visually reference aspects of Elvis’ life. For example, several knits have a cool casino-like print (alluding to Elvis’ later years as a Vegas performer).

Still more reference lyrics and themes in his music:

A piece from the Opening Ceremony Elvis Fall 2013 collectionThis sweet, sweet unisex shirt features little broken hearts (just a perfect song).

While I dig the broken heart print, I’d probably opt for this Elvis print:

A piece from the Opening Ceremony Elvis Fall 2013 collection Yup. Tiny Elvises.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Opening Ceremony Elvis collection launch partyAs you can see, there are multiple tiny Elvis silhouettes printed all over this otherwise simple striped shirt. Which is great.

Other literal Elvis items include multiples sweaters featuring the King’s likeness:

opening-elvis-3And name:

Opening Ceremony Elvis collection launch party

It spells PRESLEY on the back, naturally.

And, although I really like the literal Elvis stuff, I’m also into the comparatively subtle stuff:

Opening Ceremony Elvis collection launch partyWell, as much as bedazzled lightning bolts can be subtle.

By “subtle,” I meant not everyone knows that Elvis’ band was called Taking Care of Business. But now you do! (Unless you already did, in which case, how great are these clothes, friend?)

But who needs subtlety…


…When you have “Jailhouse Rock”?

However, if Elvis shirts and sweaters aren’t to your taste, the actual Fall ’13 womenswear collection has some pretty classically wonderful Opening Ceremony things.

Like this top, which I couldn’t stop staring at:

Opening Ceremony Elvis collection launch party

Or the crazy texture on this one:

Opening Ceremony Elvis collection launch partyAnd, lest you suspect they didn’t think of everything, of course there are blue suede shoes:

opening-elvis-9There are also blue suede crossbody bags and blue suede totes.

Boys get a pair, too:

Opening Ceremony Elvis collection launch party

…Though there’s nothing to stop ladies from wearing either; I’m just really into that ankle boot up there.

Last of all, here’s a look that kind of impressed me the most. Hanging on the racks was a series of tops, skirts and dresses inspired by Priscilla Presley‘s iconic wedding dress:


Here’s Priscilla, if you’d like a refresher (though you’re on your own with the piles of kohl eyeliner). You can see one of the long skirts to the immediate right up there, though I should note the skirts/dresses/tops come in black, too. This is cool kid fashion, after all.

The collection won’t be delivered until August/September 2013, so if you see anything you like, start saving. You probably don’t need to be a huge Elvis fan to want those sweet blue suede shoes.

Also, look at this crazy slicker hat they had (not from the Elvis collection):

opening-elvis-15Made me feel like Balenciaga‘s Darth Vader, only impervious to rain.

That’s it for fashion for now, but I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Elvis songs so you can have a really cool next few minutes.


(Photos: Jeremy Hunt Schoenherr)