The Fall and Winter 2010 collections for Paris Fashion Week have kicked off.  That means the last of the “big four” fashion weeks has gotten underway with all the weirdness and wonderfulness that fashion entails.

Designers are showing the most creative and original collections they possibly can, and that means some of the designs aren’t necessarily meant to be worn in real life…   We’ve seen everything from cowgirl chic in New York to antlers in London.

So what does Paris fashion week have in store?   Let’s check out some of the more theatrical creations from the opening day:

Felipe Oliveira Baptista adorned shoes with exuberant layers of ruffles.

While Quentin Veron added fur accents to their boots.

Quentin Veron also decided that furry handbags would go with those furry boots as well…

Fatima Lopes went for the elegant, spare look in hats – in fact, these almost remind me of Japanese flower arranging.

Peachoo and Krejberg went for feathers.  Lots and lots of feathers.  I will admit that I’m not sure if that’s part of a separate hat or part of the jacket…

images: Zuma Press