ophelia horton

Watch out Tavi Gevinson, Ophelia Horton is here. And she’s younger than you.

I know fashion is a young person’s game, but I wonder if, with the rise of fashion blogging, people are no longer going to be worrying about turning so 30 so much as they’ll worry about turning 13. Ophelia Horton is 12. She runs a blog called “Who’s That Girl.” She is 12, she runs a blog, and she is sitting front row at London Fashion Week.

She told The Standard that she started the blog in April, and it now gets around 5,000 hits a month. It evolved when she was obsessed with Topshop, but had no money to spend there, presumably because she was 11.

I swear to God, if I ever have a kid, they will learn to write on a blog. Like, at 6. They will type before they know how to hold a pen. They will study HTML like you used to study Spanish (as I recall, all my language classes up until the age of about 12 involved some manner of bribery with candy, which means the only phrase I have retained in Spanish is un caramelo, por favor. There will be a ton of candy for good linking etiquette). And then I will ride their brightly colored coattails to the front row of London Fashion Week.

Oh! And she’s out on modeling shoots. Ophelia says:

“I did a shoot for Ford for billboards in Russia and quite recently I did Coca-Cola. I did some kids’ magazines when I was little, but child modelling is really boring, I’d prefer to do proper shoots — I didn’t like standing there and doing this cheesy smile for three hours with these people I didn’t even know...“I’m not bothered about fame, I just want to blog. It would be nice if I could be a fashion icon or the future of fashion journalism but that’s just something that would go alongside.”

International fame would, indeed, be sort of like a cherry on top of the substantive sundae that is running a blog. Of course, she won’t be blogging forever.

Ophelia noted “A blog isn’t really an adult thing.It’s basically an online diary.”

In conclusion: I hate my world and everything in it.

(But really. She seems very cute, and well dressed, and her blog seems very nice, and I feel as old as Methuselah).


Picture via Who’s That Girl