So, these are nifty as fuck. Japanese design studio Daisuke Motogi has created a line of earrings that use optical illusions as a novel way to create a variety of patterns and colors, depending which position said earrings are in. As shown above, they are each made of a pair of acrylic disks that look one way when they’re apart, and another entirely when they’re lined up. Science and jewelry: two great tastes that taste great together.

Imagine the awe you will leave people in when you accentuate your merry, head-shaking laughter with a flickering change in colors. Everyone will think you’re a powerful witch! Everyone who doesn’t understand science, at least. Here is a video of them in action:

[vimeo video=”60934609″]

/ Bunkai Pierce 2 colors – 分解ピアス 2色 from Daisuke Motogi on Vimeo.

The earrings come in a variety of colors and patterns; if circles aren’t your thing, check out these checkerboard ones. I am still waiting for them to come out with some triangle-shaped ones, as that is my shape of choice. I’d totally get my ears pierced for that.


They’re available for purchase as Mass Item, a site which, when plugged into Google translate, produces such charming paragraphs as this:

Also, have a sense of color and transparency of the acrylic, it is a series of earrings that focus on the first mechanism itself to recognize it. 
two plate to slide by moving people, show me a variety of facial expressions. By three-color three-color 7 color, two-color pattern is also decomposed, but also to a variety of facial expressions and their composition can be seen.



(Via Laughing Squid)

Photos: Mass Item