orphan-black-rachelAfter a wait that seems like forever, Orphan Black season 2 premieres tomorrow night. Yay! Star Tatiana Maslany is so good it’s possible to forget that all these characters are actually being played by one actress, but they are. Luckily, our clothes tell the world a lot about who we are, and they also tell us how to tell all Tatiana Maslany’s clones apart just by their clothes.

If you can’t keep them straight by accents, here’s a style guide to telling all the clones apart:

Sarah Manning

Orphan-Black_SarahSarah’s a surprisingly resourceful punk with a British accent and the main character of the show. Sometimes she dresses up as the other clones, and then things get really confusing.

Look for: Black eyeliner, unstyled hair, normcore disguises, leather jackets, her arty brother Felix as an accessory.

Alison Hendrix

Orphan Black alisonAlison is a tracksuit-wearing suburban soccer mom on the brink of just flipping out and killing everyone. She’s the best.

Look for: Bangs, headbands, pink yoga pants, Chardonnay, hand guns/glue guns (in her hands both are equally scary).

Cosima Niehaus

orphan black cosimaCosima is “the hot one.” She’s also a genius research scientist and the brains behind everything that happens anywhere. She’s the only one who knows anything about what’s going on, so if anything happens to her, the other clones are pretty much just going to have to resort to shooting everybody and letting God sort them out.

Look for: Braids, glasses, anything red, cleavage. Felix thinks she has bigger breasts than the other clones, which doesn’t make any sense but hey, army of clones. Deal with it.

Beth Childs

orphan-black-bethBeth thought she was the lead in a cool police procedural until everything went to shit and clones started showing up.

Look for: Police badge, normcore, despair.

Katja Obinger

orphan-black-katyaKatja has a German accent and a terrible dye job.

Look for: Fake fur coats, terrible wig. Everything she owns is from H&M.


orphan-black-helenaAll the clones naturally have slightly wavy dark brown hair, which means Helena gave herself this bleached-out perm on purpose. That’s enough to let us know she is batshit crazy, even before we account for all the murdering and flaying and religious ranting.

Look for: Blonde hair, crazy eyes, nude tank tops, awesome army surplus clothes, smudgy red eyeshadow to make her look strung out. If you see another clone with the red eyeshadow, just run.

Rachel Duncan

orphan-black-rachelWe don’t know much about her, but nobody with that hair has ever been a white hat. She’s ruthless and corporate, like the 1980s are coming to get you. Be afraid.

Look for: The clone who looks like Anna Wintour.

(Photos: BBC America)