Jennifer Lawrence OscarsLast night’s Oscars ceremony was perhaps the longest in history. Lucky for us, though, the red carpet was surprisingly interesting–with clear winners, obvious losers and a lot of unusual looks and light risks in between.

Here are our picks for the 2013 Oscars best dressed, but make sure to tell us how we are dumb and wrong in the comments below.

Christoph Waltz

Usually it’s a WAG’s job to keep things understated–so as not to distract from the nominee. Christoph Waltz‘s wife, Judith Holste (or, the world’s luckiest lady) was suitably understated… and phenomenally elegant.

Still, his blue suit is great and we feel like we should make this couple a twofer.

Stacy KeiblerNormally we don’t take kindly to red carpet cheese and Stacy Keibler is not more than a few wheels away from cheese queen Nancy O’Dell. However, the little bit of art deco in Keibler’s look–not to mention the perfect fit–really works.

Sally FieldGotta hand it to Sally Field for just saying, “Fuck it” and wearing the boldest red Valentino currently available (sorry, Jennifer Aniston).

Octavia Spencer Oscars best dressedOctavia Spencer just looked perfect.

As for beauty, the hint of lavender eye shadow played off her pale lemon Tadashi Shoji gorgeously (and her hair was awesome).

Charlize Theron  Oscars best dressedYup, Charlize Theron won our heart–despite the peplum–in her immaculate Christian Dior Couture gown.

Amy Adams  Oscars best dressedAmy Adams really nailed it, didn’t she? Normally we hate the big poofy princess dresses, but the dove gray keeps things sophisticated and her hair/makeup was all in such good taste.

Emmanuelle RivaIf we were 86 and attending the Oscars–well, we wouldn’t because we’d be over everything at 86–we’d hope to look as dignified and beautiful as Emmanuelle Riva in her Lanvin.

Jessica Chastain Jessica Chastain, what have you done to us? Our enormous crush on the Zero Dark Thirty actress has made us do the unthinkable–love a sparkly neutral column. But her Armani Prive was just so lovely (like everything else about her).

Jennifer LawrenceSpeaking of women we love, Jennifer Lawrence may have won the night in her giant, fuck-all Christian Dior Couture gown and her ethereal hair/makeup.

Kelly Ripa OscarsKelly Ripa apparently kept away from the red carpet, seeing as how this was one of four photos we saw of her. We must say, this was the biggest surprise for us–a beautiful print and a clean, modern bodice (neither of which one usually spies on an Oscars red carpet).

Well played, Ripa.

Honorable mention:

Zoe Saldana OscarsLet’s be clear here: Zoe Saldana was not one of the Best Dressed, but she deserves credit for wearing dresses that are genuinely interesting. We glaze over while looking at red carpet photos and Saldana almost always wakes us up–on the one hand, we felt like her dress looked like it didn’t finish downloading (and we wanted that belt gone), on the other hand, we kind of love the whole daring thing and believe it’ll be one of the night’s most memorable.

What say you?

(All photos via Getty)