The symbol of the Evil Eye is popular in Greek culture because it is said to ward off the evil spells that are cast by an envious glance.  Otrera founder Elle Sakellis was inspired by the symbol of the Evil Eye from her frequent travels to visit family in Mykonos and had the idea of bringing this traditional and meaningful symbol into high fashion.  She created a bold pattern in many vibrant colors that featured the iconic Evil Eye and used the fabric to create beautiful silk chiffon scarves.

otrera evil eye scarf greenOtrera Evil Eye Scarf in Green $198

Now the Evil Eye scarves have become the most recognizable piece from Otrera as they have made their way into the closets of fabulous celebrities and high-end department stores like Henri Bendel’s and Intermix.  The Evil Eye scarf is now being sold in stores around the world!

otrera hamsa scarves

The sequel to the Evil Eye scarf is the new Hamsa scarf from Otrera which features the hamsa hand with the evil eye in its palm.  In traditional Islamic and Jewish culture, the hand is an amulet with magical powers to offer protection and to ward off the evil eye.

otrera hamsa purpleOtrera Hamsa Scarf in Purple $158

Both Otrera scarf styles are hand sewn from richly colored silk chiffon and are large in size (45″ x 45″) so they can be worn in a multitude of different styles.  The scarves all have tiny glass charms at the corners that match the evil eye symbol on the pattern.  A bold colored silk scarf is a great way to add color to a simple Fall outfit.

You can visit Otrera’s website to find out more about Elle Sakellis’ designs, buy Hamsa and Evil Eye scarves and see the wide variety of different colors options.