In this post from, Karl Lagerfeld mentions that though his pre-fall collection is inspired  by India, he has never actually been there.

He went on to say, “You’re never disappointed by your imagination, but you can be very disappointed by reality,”.

So I imagined having an interview with him and then imagined his answers. I started out by going to his imaginary den in the very real Paris. I imagined he perfumed the air heavily with Jasmine. Everything was probably black and white and there were most likely no less then five man servants attending to his every need. He drank tea from a delicate china cup but did not offer me anything. I think he thought I could stand to lose a few pounds from my size 2 frame. I pretended to ask him all these questions and he imaginarily answered them.

And he was right, I wasn’t disappointed by my imaginary answers.[ITPGallery]