Guess who was at the Manolo Blahnik sample sale this morning!? No, don’t look at the picture, just guess. ANDRE LEON TALLEY! And us. But mostly ANDRE LEON TALLEY!

He was sitting there like a benevolent God doling out advice on which shoes women should buy (answer: all of them). And there were so many questions we could have posed to him. Questions about Anna’s recent election to the Magazine Editor’s Hall of Fame. Or the $13,000 weeklong Vogue internship. Or models vs. celebrities on magazine covers. But instead, we asked him the most important question of all: how can we rock a caftan the way you do?

And this is what ALT told us:

“Very important! Very important! The caftan was so popular in the ’70s with Halston. Women are just bringing back the caftan in beautiful ways. And you know, you wear a caftan and it’s as sexy as wearing a Marilyn Monroe silhouette. You pull it off with gorgeous jewelry. You just make sure you’ve got a dramatic thing at the neck and at the wrists, so when you use your hands, your hands become music to the caftan. Preferably it should be in chiffon too. Over pants.”

Write that down everyone. From ALT’s mouth to your ears.