Tomorrow, I am embarking on yet another business trip, and as it is a “longish” one and involving travel to another country, I am a little hyper-anxious.

The problem. I am traveling with one of my besties, and we are technically traveling for work. However, we have a lot of non-workey work involved. In the form of cocktails, and beach time, and fun dinners, and shopping, etc – i.e. we need to be armed with a super array of outfits!

But the thing is, it’s super necessary to get ourselves under control. These days, airlines are charging as much as $50 per bag you check.

Here’s some tips I’ve learned to make everything go smoother.

It’s easy to carry on

In a perfect world, we’d skip the TSA counter and consider packing a carry-on instead. We save time at flight check-in and won’t have to wait at the luggage carousel. Also, no worries about lost luggage! However, not very practical with over-packers…and it complicates some of the things we can pack!

Packing List

I am generally a champion of this. I need to create a “needs” list of the items I absolutely MUST take. Like a really big hat. And my favorite bikini. And probably about a dozen dresses of various formality. And, obvs, sunblock.

This is as far as I’ve gotten so far…I have a GIANT suitcase, and nothing in it yet. Oh, and I leave in less than 24 hours. And counting. God help me.