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I would say that Pamela Anderson has come a long way since her Baywatch days, but if her Missguided campaign is any indication, the iconic red one-piece is still alive and kicking. 

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Well, maybe the not the exact same one-piece, mostly because I doubt the OG piece survived after all those years. But Pamela Anderson is the face of Missguided’s new campaign, and one of the many photos features Anderson modeling the piece she’s perhaps best known for:

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The campaign, which features pieces from their spring line and not, as I had hoped, a collaboration with Anderson herself, includes a range of bodysuits, swimwear, body-con dresses, and over-the-top gowns all in the spirit of the “Official Babe” uniform.

The best thing about this campaign, though, has nothing to do with the clothes and everything to do with the concept. The photos are quintessentially Pamela Anderson in all of their big, bold sex appeal and mild campy-ness, as opposed to previous campaigns and editorials that tried to turn Anderson into some kind of would-be high fashion model. You’ve got to hand it to the UK-based fast fashion giant: it’s a bold move to cast a 48-year-old woman in a campaign for clothes that are geared toward club-going, Kardashian-obsessed Millennials, and she pulled it off with amazing ease. Plus, I don’t think there’s another woman on the planet who could pull of a full-sequined, cut-out adorned floor-length gown this well:


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The campaign video offers a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot and features plenty of male gaze-ready writhing (ugh, TBH, but that’s not the point right now) and a Monopoly money gun that I kind of need in my life for no other reason that make it rain whenever and wherever. Check it out below:

[youtube_iframe id="Xezg_0gUY9c"]

Click here to check out the entire Missguided campaign!

(Photos: Missguided)