Disgraced former Dior creative director John Galliano has been found guilty of racism and anti-Semitism by a Paris court after an altercation in a cafe some months ago (more details). Galliano must pay a total fine of 17,500 euros (or $24,589 at current exchange rates). Reports WWD:

Public prosecutor Anne de Fontette had called for a fine of no less than $10,000, or $14,100 at current exchange, while Galliano’s lawyer Aurélien Hamelle had argued for his client for be acquitted. The maximum penalty in France for insulting someone on the basis of their origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity is six months in jail and a fine of 22,500 euros, or $32,000.

Galliano originally testified that he remembered nothing of the altercation for which he blamed addictions to alcohol, sleeping pills and Valium. The designer has since sought treatment for his addictions.