So earlier this week, Paris Hilton celebrated her 33rd birthday by donning a pink Barbie gown and tiara–aptly called a “Honey Boo Boo’s dress” by our own Liz. The dress had some really exciting features: a flowing, hot pink floor length skirt, flame-like boob panels, and the insouciance of a four-year-old dressed up like a fairy queen for Halloween. However, the dress also came with a vulva, which Hilton proudly flashed to the adoring masses.

Paris Hilton’s birthday bash at West Hollywood’s Greystone Manor

Well, there it is.

I have mixed feelings about showing things like nip slips or crotch shots when they’re not intentional, because that’s obviously mortifying and celebrities didn’t sign up for creep shots every second of their lives. But I think we can make a pretty fair argument that Hilton planned the exact scenario, given that she forwent taping the dress down, underpants of any kind, and twirled the thing around so that it fell in just the right way. In fact, this isn’t the first time Paris has used her vulva as an accessory–she knows it’s a great feature and loves to put it in the limelight.

We all know that right accessory can really make the look, and so while the dress was easily a fashion disaster over the weekend, now that we see the complete look, I’m fully prepared to call this a great outfit. God bless.

Photos: PCN