Poor hopeless Paris Hilton just isn’t the “American royalty” she thought she was. Sure, she mythologized herself to hell and back with vacuous quotes about how she was her generation’s Marilyn Monroe (seriously), but she couldn’t compete with her onetime friend Kim Kardashian, who came along and did everything Hilton did, only more cheap, tacky, and self-assured. Now Hilton’s been relegated to foreign editions of men’s magazines and wandering around the Fashion Week tents at Lincoln Center, in the vain hope that some bored photographer will remember she’s famous. She looks grateful!

It appears she’s wearing Stella McCartney and Christian Louboutin pumps. It also appears that you can’t keep a good fameball down, because she snapped out of her delight at being photographed long enough to give us the old signature Paris pose…


(Photos via Wenn)