I love Patti Stanger. I think she’d be a flaming nutball to work for, but I also think that everything she says on Millionaire Matchmaker makes some sort of sense (because yes, maybe that 50 year old millionaire should start agree to date women over 30).

And Joe Zee? That poor sane man who had to deal with pretend workers on The City? Love him, too. The only thing I disagree with Patti on is her criteria for how women ought to look on dates (readheads should dye their hair brown – wtf?). So it was fun to check out her collaboration with Joe in this month’s Elle Magazine. Both suggested the best looks for various dates – everything from dinner and a movie to a black tie gala.

Yeah, I still can’t see myself wearing a one shoulder gold studded cocktail dress for “dinner and a movie” even if, as Patti says “the guy has bank.” And I’m definitely not breaking out some sort of fringed leather mini-skirt for brunch, or, really, anyplace except to dance on the countertop at Coyote Ugly. Meanwhile, I love Joe Zee’s suggestions (wear a cute blazer and some leather pants to the movie if you want to look adventurous). Patti, we’re just going to have to continue to agree to disagree. But then, maybe she’s just suggesting a more west-coast, LA look. You can see all of the pair’s first date style suggestions here.