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Ok, if you work in the medical field, pay close attention to this. Why should we wear our working attire? Well, as we all know, it helps giving the impression to the party where you’re provided to serve them, which makes them comfortable by just looking at the attire you’re wearing. Businessman goes formal to look serious, the police wore their uniform so that we recognize them, and doctors wear white scrubs so that they look friendly. Wait. White scrubs equals to friendly? I remembered a 4 years old turned white on his face while see the guy with the white “gown”. Okok, it was me. So why not doctors, or those guys working at the medical field wear something more fun? Like for example this, the V-Neck Tunic by Paul Frank. Looks cool, and funny too, which will make you look bright and friendlier too. This will probably get the best from the kids.

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