"I'm influenced by Hussein Chalayan, Cristobal Balenciaga, architecture, French New Wave... the quiver of a butterfly's wing."

Here is a horrible fact: DJ Pauly D of The Jersey Shore has enough name recognition to parlay his stupid haircut and shiteating grin into a clothing line. Here is another horrible fact: it is called Dirty Couture. On top of the egregious misuse of the word couture, it is shitty that a [anything pejorative] like Pauly D can stamp his approval on a t-shirt and sell it for $50. As a sidenote, please do not visit the label’s website, as you will be greeted with the deeply menacing phrase The Dirty Couture Revolution Has Begun (as an additional sidenote, it’s a pretty safe bet this one will be televised) (sadly).

Anyway. DJ Pauly D needs help with Dirty Couture, probably because his tailoring skills are but nascent and he has to spend a lot of time at the atelier learning to bead. So, he is is turning to Craigslist for interns. Hot ones.

Want to help DJ Pauly D launch his clothing line, Dirty Couture? We are looking for guys and girls in the NYC/ NJ area… Must be enrolled in college for the Fall 2011 semester or just graduated from college and must have own transportation and be willing to travel… Please send resume and photo to us…

Okay, perhaps it’s unfair of me to say he’s looking for hot interns, but I’m betting he’s at least looking for camera-ready ones.

Since I have nothing more to say about Pauly D, hopefully ever, I’m sharing this horrible, nightmarish video because it occupies the exact same space in my brain as The Jersey Shore. This video contains no nudity or anything as such, but it is at least VDFW (Very Disturbing For Work) if there exists any good in this world.