Notorious try-hard Paz de la Huerta has been chosen to star in the fall campaign for Agent Provocateur lingerie, joining the likes of Maggie Gyllenhaal, Daisy Lowe, and Dita Von Teese in representing the brand. According to WWD, the photo and video campaign will show her playing “on her risqué ‘It’ girl persona, cheekily flashing her Agent Provocateur lingerie as she’s pursued by the paparazzi.” She does not appear to be visibly intoxicated or showing nipple in any of the images thus far, so basically, she’s playing a cleaned up version of herself.

Question: does the campaign’s “It” girl think she’s pulling one over on the paparazzi by “cheekily” flashing her undies at them? (Get it, like butt cheeks?) Because that’s pretty much exactly what they want her to do. Up-skirt shots have sent more than a few mini-paps to college. Ugh, now I’ve grossed myself out by saying “paps” in a post about Paz de la Huerta’s crotch.

Anyway, I’m sure the ads will be very sexy and, um, provocateur-y, because that seems to be Paz’s entire reason for living. I wonder if we’ll get to catch a glimpse of her “period bush” peeking out from behind all that lace and silk? I triple dog dare you, edgy lingerie company.