Pee Wee Pumpsp SwankyWhen did you start wearing heels? (I’m not counting the times you went into your mom’s closet and tried on her high heels.) Maybe you had a pair of block heels you wore for weddings that you thought were grownup heels or perhaps you hobbled around on your first pair of heels at a school dance. It’s safe to say you probably weren’t a baby when you first tried high heels. If you think that there aren’t high heels for babies, think again because Pee Wee Pumps are selling heeled crib shoes.

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The website says, “Your little princess will be the belle of the ball with her first fashion statement in her Pee Wee Pumps crib shoes.” The soft, flexible shoes are described as having a collapsible heel and an adjustable strap. They don’t come in your typical pastel cutesy animal baby prints. There are bold zebra and leopard print varieties as well as more neutral colors. The shoes have names like “Glamour Child,” “Swanky” and “Wild Child.” They sell for $34.99 and come in a size 0 to 6 months.Pee Wee Pumps 12

Of course the “your mom’s favorite heels but in miniature size” shoes have caused controversy and angered many parents. We’ve seen a lot of WTF baby designs (remember the fat-shaming onesie?) but putting high heels on a baby who hasn’t even attempted her first steps is baffling to say the least. Parents are criticizing the brand saying that this goes way beyond dressing up kids in cute clothes. It’s dressing them up in a grownup style that is meant for adults instead of letting them be babies. Many have also pointed how high heels are considered “sexy” so putting them on a baby feels extremely inappropriate, it doesn’t matter whether the heel collapses or not. It’s one thing to dress your baby in a onesie with a ridiculous slogan but it’s another to be putting them in a shoe that is meant for adults. What is next for babies? Are we going to be seeing baby corsets or lacy diapers? Please don’t let that happen.

(Photos: Pee Wee Pumps)