fashion peepsSome people think Easter outfits means nothing but bonnets and pastels, but some chicks take it to the next level by using actual marshmallow peeps for fashion. The peeps themselves get in on the game as well. We found hilariously weird images of marshmallow peeps dressed up like people, people dressed up like marshmallow peeps, and clothes for people made out of marshmallow peeps. Let’s have a Marshmallow Peep Fashion Show!

Before we get to the fashion extravaganza, if you want to look like a peep without wearing peeps, here’s an outfit inspired by the gooey marshmallow chicks:

Peep Fashion

Now, let’s bring on the Peeps Fashion Show:

Here we have a peep summer dress. The mod sunglasses are a nice addition to this whimsical outfit.

8aa069beccef74150eb8603f39c11cc8These rabbit peeps are wearing the finest formal attire. Love the brightly colored buttons
324c4c4087a0250bcb44f72699e7f64a These formal rabbit peeps wear a more elegant take on the marshmallow tuxedo with their white boutonnières.f6c5d0ea4271d266750fc9a31c547430 Here we have a woman draped in peeps. This unethically made dress caused a stir because of the chick feather hem.  8a6761d919c7b06853bc45dd5773b49f Nothing says springtime elegance like a pair of peeps wearing pearls.
1152d4032499da6913e59e5b783cf0a0The next dress wouldn’t be complete without the peep fascinator.
648dab92423a0cabb4959fdfc4e1586f These two peeps are perfectly accessorized for an understated springtime date in the park.  c52b0f7c218d12fc8adfb84246637322 This elegant dress is a real show stopper. The twisted marshmallow straps are a sweet detail. 19125f9358098380f689242400fff6c9 This peep bodice makes for a surprisingly modest outfit when matched with a jelly bean decal skirt. 4cbdc22d4d6b48cd1dbb3adb378d8751 This one shouldered peep tunic with Easter basket grass embellishments really makes a saccharine statement.b4a7f783d152baf84bbac098e8154e27Accessories are a critical part of every outfit. This peeps in a nest hair accessory looks divine resting on candy-colored-peeps-inspired hair.  8e80ffcf4d0b45adad0b6233a1874383 Next we have an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow peep bikini that will turn heads at the beach. Just don’t get it wet! 8114592fafcb7d45e43283ed0427446d Some peeps like to keep it classic in traditional Easter bonnets. 0d19967ab8bc39c36f32a01f3efd0b40 Here we have people dressed up like peeps parading down the runway. Carlos_Diez1Here’s a glimpse of the front row of the Peeps Fashion Show. Of course the most prominent peep in fashion had a good seat. 
UmHXBnZPHbLlPhotos: Pinterest