Hugh Jackman, aka Woverine, aka 2008 People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive is hosting the 2009 Oscar Awards tonight, February 22nd.

I’m so excited. Not only is Hugh Jackman hot and stylish, he’s also a good performer. He had a successful run in Broadway a few years ago. I think he won a Tony Award as well. I’m not sure about that though so don’t quote me on it yet :). Anyhooo, besides all the aforementioned, he happens to have a sexy Australian accent that’s going for him. I’m sure I am not the only one who is looking forward to tonight’s Oscar Awards because of Hugh Jackman. Oprah herself announced last Friday on her show that she wouldn’t care if it lasts for 5 hours because Hugh Jackman is hosting.

I will be doing a live recap of the red carpet fashion over at Style It Less so check that out from time to time beginning at 6pm Eastern Time. I’ll make sure to post the Male Celebs Fashion here at She Knows Best as fast as I can.

(Image : Newscom)