Hey ladies! Want to use pepper spray to defend yourself against rapists, but afraid its drab, ugly colors will cramp your style? Your prayers have finally been answered.

Introducing Bling Sting, a great leap forward in girly pepper spray technology that’s predicted to cause a 100% jump in pepper sprayings nationwide. Invented by a lady named Andrea Atteberry, Bling Sting operates on the theory that a lot more women would carry pepper spray as a hedge against danger if only it were covered in sparkly rhinestones. No, really. Atteberry tells The Cut:

“I’m from Decatur, Illinois, and my dad was always bringing home ugly pepper spray from the car wash for my mom and me. We always just threw it away, because we’re both really girly and we like things to be cute and fabulous. Then, about four years ago, at Christmas, we told him that if the pepper spray were sparkly, we would be happy to carry it. And my dad busted out the name ‘Blingsting,’ and I was like, ‘That’s genius!’

While it’s all well and good to want the utilitarian things in your life to reflect your personal style, I am tired of products that play on women’s fears without the stats to back themselves up. I am also tired of people implying that we are solely responsible for keeping ourselves from getting raped:

Do you ever worry that Blingsting will give girls a false sense of security? Like, they’ll be more willing to put themselves in a dangerous situation because they have pepper spray with them?

I really don’t. I actually think the opposite. When I have pepper spray in my bag, I think more about walking in a parking lot late at night, or getting into an elevator by myself. So you can argue both ways, but for me personally, and my hope for anyone who has pepper spray on them, is that it makes girls think more carefully about what they’re doing. It’s a reminder that you’re responsible for your own safety.

Bling Sting: let the fear of rape police your life even more than it already does!

I also find it somewhat ridiculous that someone who is selling pepper spray is not able to produce a single statistic on its effectiveness as a self-defense weapon when asked, but can cite the fact that “one in four women falls victim to sexual assault during their college years.” Spoiler alert: the vast majority of these women are not raped by attackers who jump out of the bushes, but friends, dates, and other acquaintances who decide to grossly violate their trust. Unless you have it in your hand 24/7, and unless you know how to use it while passed out, I’m not sure how helpful Bling Sting is going to be in 90% of scary situations.

Of course, even reducing your chances of harm by 10% is enough for some people to go for it, and I have even carried the stuff myself on occasion. I’m not sure I could use it effectively if push came to shove, but it makes me feel a little bit safer. I know other people who don’t carry it because they’re afraid it will be used against them. There are certainly pros and cons to consider! But the idea that something as frivolous as how your pepper spray looks will affect this rather serious decision is kinda ridic.

(Via The Cut)

Photo: Bling Sting