Now that Christmas is over, my mind inevitably goes to getting things in order for the new year. I need to put away my tree, my decorations, and get into some household chores (closets, junk drawer) that are going to take a bit of effort. As I work my way through my to-do list, I am also working on personal goals.

I am tired of working my pjs. There I’ve said, it’s out in the open. I’m a bit of a slacker when it comes to work attire. Smaller computer MichelleThat’s probably because my “office” is wherever I take my laptop and 9 out 10 times that means my couch.  The problem with working on the couch is that there is no clear definition between work area and play area. I sit down to watch a movie with the kids and I pick up my laptop. I end up working all the time.

My goal is to set up a dedicated office area and to get dressed for the office every morning. No more throwing a hoodie on over my tank top when the FedEx man arrives – I’m going to be wearing an actual outfit.

Another area I’ve been lazy – makeup. I need a simple makeup routine. I have a fairly detailed skin care regime, but I only end up wearing makeup a few times a week, if that. I love makeup. Why so lazy?? No more. Every day it will be at least base, (tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup), neutral eye shadow (I use a cream or taupe colored mineral eye shadow), mascara, and lip balm. I can complete this in minutes and add more color when I feel like it.

small bike handlebars MichelleWorking out, I’ve been making that a regular part of week, if not every day, for years. I need to step it up. I also need to cut out a whole lot of snacking.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. Time to get back to vaccuming – my brother’s family is coming over in a couple of hours. Can’t wait to see the niece and nephews!

Image credit: Michelle Smith