pet fashion show

We thought we loved fashion and pets as much as anybody in New York right now, but apparently we were grossly mistaken, because this weekend New York hosted the Pet Fashion Show, and these attendees appear to love clothes and dogs more than we have ever loved anything in the world.

The New York Pet Fashion Show began Friday, magically coinciding with the Westminster Dog Show, New York Fashion Week, and the Olympics, which is convenient because it is basically a fusion of all those events. It was held at the Pennsylvania Hotel in Manhattan, and the clothes are really, really ridiculously expensive. One “Lumieres” dog couture dress is said to cost $25,000, and the “Queen’s Crown” is reportedly worth $3,000. All in all over $400,000 worth of dog outfits were apparently on display this weekend.

Given the immense joy experienced by everyone who has looked through this gallery of dogs in ridiculous outfits, we can only say the extravagance was worth it.[ITPGallery]