Pete Doherty superfans like myself finally have something to live for: he is designing a line of men’s jewelry. Doherty has showed a lot of interest in forging a career outside of music since he is basically way too huge of a trainwreck to record songs and play instruments. His more notable forays outside of rock music are 1) creating artworks made of his own blood, 2) looking confusingly hot as a Cavalli model and 3) communing with his mouse friends (more on that in a minute).

The line–a collaboration with Hannah Martin–is called Albion Trinketry and includes cufflinks, rings, watch chains, and syringe-engraving services (probably). As for the London-based Hannah Martin, they describe their aesthetic as “decadent and dissolute, luxury for the villainous and elegant, and beauty for the wild and untamed. Where hedonism rules with opulence and men will find treasure beyond their wildest dreams,” which–besides being really annoying–makes sense for Pete Doherty, who I associate with villainy and elegance equally.

Also.  Here is Pete Doherty and his mice friends.  And Amy Winehouse.