pharrells hat twitter

Pharrell’s hat is the new Jennifer Lawerence’s dress. No sooner had Pharrell appeared on the red carpet in his outsized Vivienne Westwood toque than the topper had inspired three separate parody Twitter accounts.

Of course, some parody twitters are more successful than others. @Pharrellhats only has four followers and @Pharelhat2 only has one, but @Pharellhat got into the ring first and managed to kick out 57 tweets and garner more than 15,219 Twitter followers in a single evening. (I only have 300 Twitter followers, and most of them keep trying to get me to buy a new Kindle.)

Pharrell and his hat started making appearances in all sorts of fun places.



Gretchen Weiners’ hair is full of secrets. Pharrell’s hat is fully of Grammys.



Ever desperate to get in on a viral Internet meme, Gain laundry detergent made a ham-fisted attempt, but it was so awkward and ineffective we just laughed for 20 minutes when we saw it.

 Arby’s, however, was victorious.


To which Pharrell brilliantly responded:


Of course, while all the Photoshopping and tweeting was great fun, The Cut stepped in to give us all a quick fashion history lesson, pointing out that the hat was worn by Malcolm McLaren back in the 80s (when he was with Vivienne Westwood) and featured prominently in the music video for Malcolm McLaren And The World’s Famous Supreme Team’s 1982 song “Buffalo Girls.” It’s alternately called the “Buffalo Hat,” the “Mountain Hat,” and “The Jelly Mould Hat.” It was created for Westwood’s first store, World’s End, where Pharrell bought it and it is still available today for £95 or $157.

“It’s a Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat from when she was with Malcolm McLaren,” Pharrell told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s not vintage — I would’ve been really stylin’ if I had once from the ’80s.”