I’m a sucker for a good DIY project, especially ones that result in something wearable. So this textile printing kit that uses a sunlight-activated dye to print images from photos onto fabric for pillows, T-shirts, skirts, or whatever, seems pretty fun. Also, it has the benefit of not requiring any boiling or steaming or ironing, which makes it more pleasant for the summer.

The kit, by Inkodye, actually looks really easy. If one wanted to make a T-shirt with one’s favorite Instagram photo on it, one would just need to print out the photo to use as a negative, brush the fabric surface with the dye, then leave the negative on top of the dye and let it cure in the sun for a few minutes. There’s also an iOS app that helps you turn photos from your phone into negatives to use to dye them on fabric, but one could also just print the photo onto a transparency.

Textile designer Jessica Jones from the blog How About Orange uses it to duplicate screen-printing processes without having to buy extra equipment, which is useful if one happens to have too many craft supplies in one’s house. (I don’t even know how I came to own a bucket full of mosaic tiles.) She also uses it to make cool makeup or pencil cases with fancy, vintage-style photos dyed onto them.

The kit is $30 from Photojojo, and the dye is permanent, so a garment decorated this way is normally washable.

Via Apartment Therapy/Photo: Facebok/Etsy