ann taylor photoshop of horrors, model stretched beyond recognition!

While we love a good balls-crazy Photoshop of Horrorswhere limbs don’t make sense and people look like hilarious painting of themselves and Miranda Kerr has full-on pecs–we also love the subtle ones. The ones that grow on you.

By which we mean, this remarkably warped Ann Taylor look from the brand’s Facebook page (where, predictably, people are bitching about the model’s thinness, as opposed to the bad Photoshop afoot). Take a gander and tell us what’s wrong.

Keep staring.

Look, for a few more moments, at the thighs. Then let your brain guide you to a place you’d expect those thighs to end. …The digital wizards at Ann Taylor decided to add a few inches to that place (the one between the crotch and the waist) and, indeed, the longer you stare, the crazier it looks. If anything, the top half may have been slapped on to the bottom.

Great Spring florals, though!

(via PSD)