katy perry bad photoshop

When it comes to Photoshop disasters, Katy Perry is a frequent offender. She’s been slimmed, plumped, and smoothed to creepy porelessness so many times we’ve lost count. But when we first encountered this Katy Perry Photoshop disaster over on PSDisasters, we were shocked.

“But she looks pretty much normal!” we said. “Sure she’s all smooth and shiny, but she might just be wearing a dump truck full of foundation, as usual.”

Then our eyes panned a little bit south, and we noticed Katy Perry’s shame: She has two left hands.

But the rest of the picture looks so relatively un-retouched that we started to wonder: Could this be Katy Perry in her natural state? Maybe she really does have two left hands! Considering the way most pictures are altered, it seems entirely conceivable that someone would have Photoshopped all the other pictures we’ve seen of Katy Perry to make it look like she had a right hand and a left hand all along. The original picture appeared on The Hollywood Reporter, and that’s a news site, right?

As is often the case when a Photshop disaster strikes, we turned to recent red carpet photos to see what Katy Perry actually looks like.

katy perry photoshop

Yep, we’re pretty sure that’s a left hand and a right hand she’s got there. On the red carpet at the premiere for Britney Spears’ new Las Vegas show, Katy Perry clearly had a right hand and a left hand. We believe that picture is not Photoshopped, because who would bother Photoshopping her hands and not getting rid of that ridiculous outfit.