Most Photoshop of Horrors moments at least make sense. They may result in people who do not remotely look like themselves, or even like people, but we usually at least know what the ‘shopper in question was going for. Usually Photoshop mistakes start from an attempt to make a model adhere to an unachievable standard of beauty, resulting in smooth, poreless skin or impossibly spindly spider legs. But we’re not even sure what the person manning the Photoshop machines over at The Gap was going for in this case.

They started with a nice-looking model with pretty hair and a gray shirt and leggings. Everything seemed to be going fine, but then apparently someone decided that her fingers just didn’t look broken enough, so they decided to snap her left pointer at the knuckle.

This particular mistake is bewildering, because we’re not sure what exactly they were going for besides “let’s make it look like the model has a broken finger.” Were they trying to make it longer? Smoother? Thinner? Younger? Because it doesn’t look like any of those things, it just looks broken. And as creepy as it looks in the close-up shot, it’s just as bad in the full-length image. Of all the people working at The Gap, we’re surprised that there was not one brave soul to say, “Um, dude, what’d you do to her finger? That looks super gross.”

Via PS Disasters