Nothing says Merry Christmas like a woman Santa Claus in a festively red bikini! Ad agency, Victors & Spoils, is determined to make your season brighter (slash slightly creepier) with a holiday parody of Tim Piper’s “Body Evolution.” You know, that video that so eerily demonstrates the power of Photoshop? If you missed the ad, it exemplifies the artificiality of beauty that brands promote and then expect us to not only believe, but covet.

This woman was drastically altered to contend with societal standards of beauty via Photoshop. And by “drastically altered,” I’m referring to the end product resulting in the incipience of a new human being. Well, ho, ho, ho, check out her newest transformation as woman turned model regresses into Santa Claus.

Yeah, there’s an image I bet you never expected to see. But as it turns out, Santa believes in the magic of Photoshop, bowl full of jelly and all!

[vimeo video=”81847258″]

[via Adweek]