Bad photoshop: Gilt removes a model's belly button for the Free People flash sale

The average fashion model takes so much criticism of her appearance: constantly hearing how her legs aren’t long enough, her lips aren’t full enough, her eyes aren’t wide enough, her teeth aren’t straight enough, her skin’s not smooth enough (or white enough), etc. But, as Photoshop disasters prove time and time again: sometimes the level of perfection expected of them is outrageous, unreasonable and just plain stupid.

For example, Gilt‘s currently hosting a Free People flash sale and some retoucher thought it necessary to excise this poor model’s belly button. For a closer look, behold:

Bad photoshop: a model's belly button removed on Gilt's Free People flash sale

Are you more or less compelled to buy Free People’s Bonnaroo Swit top, knowing it may require the pointless Photoshop extraction of your belly button?

Do you want to look cute or not?

(via Styleite)