A handbag that requires holding at Oscar de la Renta.

A handbag that requires holding at Oscar de la Renta.

We’ve often thought there are two primary kinds of Photoshop fuck-ups. On the one hand, there’s the overzealous touching up–with enough buffing, scrubbing, lighting trickery and digital sweetening, this first kind of problem usually results in famous people looking nothing like themselves, in skin losing texture or internal organs magically disappearing. More generally, this first kind results in human bodies no longer looking anything like they belong to humans.

Sadly, many of these Photoshop of Horrors are met with cries of “What are you talking about?” and “That’s not a disaster!” because people are so accustomed to poreless skin and gigantic heads that they’ve grown unable to even identify this as a problem.

The second kind, though, that’s the kind we can all agree with. The fuck up. The blunder. The all out catastrophe:

photoshop disasters handbag

Which is what we have here. Overtsock.com files this impressive blunder on the Nine West ‘It Girl’ small shopper bag. This is one fail so spectacular we need not point it out–to their credit, though, Overstock.com has already gone in and removed the wonky image. They’ve even replaced it with a boring old regular handbag that stays on with two functioning leather straps.

(Photoshop Disasters via HuffPo Style)