college vampires movie photoshop So, it’s almost October, which means the only thing you’ll see on the internet for the next month is sexy Halloween costumes in various kinds of roundups. Maybe it’ll be X Completely Inappropriate Sexy Halloween Costumes, or (more specifically) X Sexy Halloween Costumes Inspired By Children’s Cartoons. Perhaps you’ll see X Celebrities In Sexy Halloween Costumes or X of Kim Kardashian‘s Sexiest Halloween Costumes. You get the idea.

…Which is why we’re pretty into the cover of this soon-to-be-classic straight-to-video gem involving some supporting cast member from American Pie: it’s a fantastic template for a Sexy Photoshop Disaster Halloween costume!

First off, you get the Halloween costume part–a vampire girl, whom we know is supposed to be a vampire because she has pale skin, red eyes, a cape and sheer red sleeves (?). Then, you get the sexy part–rather than wearing normal vampire attire, she is simply wearing underwear and heels. Then, you get the Photoshop Disaster part: where her body doesn’t resemble any human body in the history of human bodies.

As for what you’ll need? It’s easy: buy a cheap cape, some regular old lingerie, the standard vampire face makeup kit that’s sold in any Halloween store and then get your body molded beyond recognition by an over-eager retoucher. Oh, and a college degree. Maybe.

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(via Photoshop Disasters)