What’s one thing you think of when you hear “Kardashian sisters”? I mean, okay, after “horrible,” “venal,” “insufferable,” “bad for the world,” “consumptive,” “fame-whoring,” “relentlessly shallow,” etc. So, after all that stuff.

…I don’t know. My point is that somewhere in there you think, “They are of considerably different proportions!”

And they are, in fact, of considerably different proportions–Khloe is 5’10” with the other two hovering around 5’3”–except behind the lens of Annie Leibovitz. Jezebel posits that the famed photog is probably just pissed she’s been reduced to photographing the Kardashians for Sears. And, huge paycheck or not, wouldn’t we all feel a little bruised?

Photos via the Daily Mail; here’s another: