A Canadian Member of Parliament–29-year-old Rathika Sitsabaiesan–is now famously the victim of some unfortunate Photoshopping. According to Canadian blog Contrarian, a photo of the politician featuring some extremely not-racy cleavage served momentarily as her headshot on Parliament’s official website. It was replaced with an altered version erasing the ignominious vertical  line on her chest, which indicates the disgraceful female form barely contained beneath her sensible scoopneck. The altered version also accompanies her Wikipedia page. The photo is credited “House of Commons photo.”

…Okay, though, seriously: we find Sitsabaiesan’s cleavage barely noticeable (that statement necklace on the other hand–) and think it’s absurd to erase plain old female body parts, however we’ve also worked in offices where any amount of cleavage was considered inappropriate. Do you think this is too risque for an official portrait? Or should all female politicians wear unisex gray smocks that cover their bodies? Or something in the middle? Maybe crewnecks…?

(Contrarian via Jezebel)