Gwyneth Paltrow in an image from her new Boss Jour Femme perfume campaign

Gwyneth Paltrow has been the face of Boss fragrance for a while now–it was over a year ago that her first (“extremely awkward”) Boss Nuit campaign dropped. Now she’s fronting ads for Boss Jour, the brand’s sister fragrance, and they’re a mess of over-eager Photoshop.

You’ll notice in the above shot, Paltrow’s skin lacks pores/contours/recognizably human skin features, as well as remarkably stiff corn silk hair. She’s also a little orange. The smug grin, though, probably wasn’t grafted on in post.

Oh, and yes, there’s a video component! This is the actual TV spot:


Better yet, the brand also released video of Paltrow pontificating about… her diet and stuff? Seeing as how this is a perfume campaign, we’re not exactly sure why. Something about how it’s important to stretch and do a bit of yoga, even if it’s for just ten minutes?

She then spouts that empty line about “everything in moderation” which famous people would like us to believe results in their impossibly toned shapes… though the real answer is something more like “two hours a day of grueling cardio with a women who makes me hate my body, eating absolutely fucking nothing except twigs and algae, punctuated by lengthy juice fasts that cause me to hallucinate.” But, you know, everything in moderation:


(Photos via Design Scene)