Marie Claire PhotoshopSeventeen may be under fire lately for refusing to let go of their photoshopping ways, but Marie Claire stepped up their “editing” presence in a big way this month. The awesome ladies of Jezebel and their observant tipsters caught this wonderful example of failure from this month’s issue.

Same are claiming that a shark attack lost this pretty surfer her arm. I happen to know that sharks love fingers and would’ve never left those tasty morsels just hanging on to the surfboard. I’m thinking maybe this model is just wearing a Stella McCartney-designed illusion wetsuit. Amputees are on trend this season, guys.

Or ya know, someone sitting behind a computer staring at a picture of an awesome female surfer decided that the arm just added too much weight to the picture. Or it was April Fool’s Day when they were putting together this issue. Really who knows? The fact is, Lady is missing an arm.