Plastic surgeries, constant ogling, making out with Dominic Monaghan…hasn’t Megan Fox’s face been through enough? Not in Giorgio Armani’s opinion. Fox is nearly unrecognizable in the Italian fashion house’s latest youth serum ad, with her skin smoothed out to a cold, stoney finish, and her already well-engineered nose reduced to two little holes in her face. There’s something strange about her ears as well; have they been trimmed down, or are they just in soft focus? The retouch-er also seems to have actually made her face wider, that is, unless she’s had one of those Bristol Palin chin-narrowing surgeries since the ad was shot. All in all, I think this ad crosses the line from the strange-hot look Megan usually has, into somewhat alien territory.

I know heavy Photoshopping is standard in beauty ads, but what’s the point of paying all that money to get a celebrity to model your face products if people can’t even tell who that celebrity is? On the other hand, Megan Fox is a notorious Franken-babe; her regular face looks somewhat Photoshopped already. Here’s another photo for comparison:

What say you, critical readers of the Internet?