Ralph Lauren Photoshop

Who doesn’t love a little Photoshop Look & Find? It’s a super fun game to play with children of all ages. Forget Where’s Waldo, pull out your favorite glossy and let them look for overt and obvious Photoshop.

This one comes courtesy of the eagle-eyed ladies at Jezebel. Do you see the issue on this Rue La La page for Ralph Lauren? No? Look closely…

There it is! My random model, what an amazingly thin right arm you have! I can’t believe you hold it on your hip like that. You should probably keep it very close to your body, as small little limbs like that seem ripe for accidental fractures and breaks.

In truth, this isn’t a huge Photoshop fail. But I feel like we should be particularly diligent against repeat offenders like Lauren. Seriously, we haven’t forgotten this disturbing mess.

We need to keep up the criticism until the brand stops whittling away at any woman’s body.