old navy thigh gap photoshop

Is there anything more infuriating than the fact that oppressive beauty standards cause many young girls to starve and hate themselves in the pursuit of a gap between their fatless thighs? Probably not. But this Photoshop hack job that proves that perfection isn’t even attainable by mannequins… comes close.

Target was under fire last week for an extremely lazy bit of photo editing that took a giant chunk out of a swimsuit model’s vulva. Not only were parts of her thighs erased, but her waist was haphazardly shaven down, her kneecaps disappeared, and her breasts became oddly ovalular. It was one of the worst we’d ever seen. Unfortunately, today’s pics come in at a close second.

Old Navy, too, is valiantly joining the war against female legs. If you head over to their website and browse through the plus size section for women, you’ll come across this little disaster that looks like someone drew over the photo using MS Paint– and I’m talking like MS Paint from 1998. My elementary school self could have done a neater job with one eye closed. Their invented thigh gap is sloppy, physically impossible, and they did it to a mannequin.

Via Cosmo

Via Cosmo

Every day, girls are subjected to thousands of professional photographs of models and actresses that have been so dolled up and well lit and airbrushed that the images are impossible for average women to replicate. In recent years, magazines have added photos that have been so manipulated by computers that the people in the pictures are barely human. Now we’ve taken it a step further. Now we’re telling girls that their bodies are so unacceptable that even plastic shapes meant to display clothes are too fat, too ugly, and too unsexy. It’s exhausting, it’s unfair, and it’s kind of hilarious to know that someone at Old Navy’s website is getting seriously fired.

Via Cosmo UK / Photo: Old Navy