If you’ve taken the time to read my column at all (if you haven’t, you can go ahead and do that here and now, I’ll wait until you’re done), you know that fitness gear isn’t exactly my area. As a fashion editor, I’m constantly aware of emerging brands and the athleisure trend in general, but if given the choice, I will always stick with my go-to yoga pants from Target and T.J. Maxx and my plethora of old sorority tees. And since I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, I didn’t ring in 2016 by making an active decision to branch out in this regard. So, it’s not that I want this new innovative workout apparel from Physiclo in order to achieve some set goal. It’s more that I need it because it’s so damn cool.

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At first glance, Physiclo’s workout pants aren’t any different from your average Lululemon or Athleta wares. But it’s not the look of the pieces that makes them unique—it’s how they’re made. According to a representative of the brand, Physiclo’s “mimics the challenge of resistance bands without the need for additional equipment during cardio and bodyweight exercise.” Basically, one pair of pants will give you a more intense workout without actually having to make your workout more intense. It’s the mildly lazy girl’s dream come true!

The stats on Physiclo’s website certainly make the workout pants seem pretty impressive:

physiclo 1

Anything that increases my basic fitness stats that much without requiring me to spend an extra hour in the gym is fine by me. But for those of you who want more than talking points, the brand also takes the time to explain the science behind Physiclo:

“When you wear Physiclo pants, your body works harder to overcome the extra resistance they add to your movements, helping you get stronger, fitter, and faster. As you put the pants on, you’ll notice two separate elastic layers built right into the clothing which offer both inner & outer resistance. The layers stretch independently in different directions, to cover specific muscle groups. As your muscles move and contract, the opposing elastic layer stretches and pulls against them, increasing the amount of effort and energy you’re spending as you work out, helping you get fit faster.”

I have a feeling that all of the elastic layers make the pants a little bit warmer than your standard yoga leggings or running tights, but considering the fact that a 2002 study done by the American College of Sports Medicine called “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” found that colder temperatures led to decreased fat burn, and warmer temperatures led to increased fat burn, a little extra warmth wouldn’t be so bad.

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There are both men’s and women’s workout pants available for purchase, and you can check out the women’s pieces below:

physiclo collage

Women’s Resistance Capris ($100), Women’s Resistance Leggings ($125)

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(Photos: Courtesy of Physiclo)