Anyone with boobs above an A/B cup knows that finding a bikini with underwire is way more difficult than it should be. This is especially insane considering the fact that more than half of all American women fit this description. And yet, when I try to go bikini shopping, I find racks upon racks of floppy, underwire-less suits that will do nothing to keep my boobs from drooping and/or escaping.

Why am I writing about a bikini in December? Because I am going on a cruise. Oh, the glamor. But even if you’re not going on a cruise, winter is a good time to buy a bikini, because then you can put it on in the privacy of your room and remember what summer is like, and that it will be back again someday. Plus, there’s no time pressure to find the right one. (I hope that’s enough justification for writing about the bikini-seeking project that’s taken over my brain.)

Anyway, underwire. It’s useful and a lot of us need it. I found this Tommy Bahama underwire bikini after clicking on an ad that seemed suspiciously targeted towards my particular wants and needs via clandestine information gathering techniques. Normally I’d be creeped out by this, but I don’t even care, because I do want and need such a bikini. I haven’t tried it on yet, but the reviews are universally good, which is almost never the case for stuff like this. It appears to be supportive without looking frumpy, and it comes in a few different prints, if black isn’t your thing. The only thing I’d caution against is if your boobs are super big (like, DD+?) the halter might put some strain on your neck.

Supportive bikini tops! Every girl should have one.