Are you upset about today’s verdict in the Pussy Riot show trial? Feel like none of us can be free so long as some of us are in chains? Does your face get cold easily? Then why not take your discontent to the streets while rocking a brightly colored balaclava like the ones the Pussy Rioters wear in their videos? Never let it be said that fashion and politics don’t mix!

With two eye holes, a mouth hole, and maybe a nose hole, the balaclava is both fun and functional. It hides your identity from the cops and communicates your group’s non-hierarchical values, as well as just looking darn cool. And its bright color will say, “just because we’re fighting political oppression doesn’t mean we have to look drab.” Protest with sass and style.

The best part about it is, a balaclava can be made at home using only a ski hat and some scissors. Or tights, if you’re really in a pinch. But if you want a really nice one, it, like most things, can be purchased on Etsy. It’s also just fun to say the word “balaclava.” Wear yours to a demonstration near you.